+ What is a haematologist?

A haematologist is a medical specialist who specialises in the management of disorders involving the blood or blood forming organs (spleen, lymphoid tissue, bone marrow).  Becoming a haematologist requires at least 8 years or more of medical school and postgraduate training, before obtaining a fellowship. 
A haematologist treats a wide variety of blood disorders ranging from malignant (cancer) to non-malignant disorders such as:

*    Lymphoma
*    Myeloma
*    Acute leukaemia
*    Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
*    Anaemia
*    Hemoglobinopathy – thalassaemia
*    Bleeding disorders
*    Blood clots (Veno-thromboembolism)
*    Neutropenia
*    Thrombocytopenia

And many others!

+ Where can I get more information?

Where can I get more information?

You should always access reliable and trustworthy sources of information when researching your medical condition.  

I would suggest the following websites:


I would also encourage further discussion with your general practitioner and haematologist.

+ How can I make an appointment?

To see Sumi, all new outpatients will require a written referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist. Please note, a referral from a general practitioner is valid for 12 months but a referral from a specialist is only valid for three months.

+ What payment options are available?

Please note Sumi's consulting suites are private rooms and patients will not be bulk billed.
If you have private health insurance, please clarify with your provider regarding your coverage for various private hospital based treatments and out-of-pocket expenses. As long as you hold a valid referral, any hospital based treatments will be charged directly to your private health cover. 
Please contact the rooms for further clarification of fees and payment.